Focused on Leopard spotting



Arrive at Bandaranaike International Airport and met by "Lanka Yours N’ Mine" Representatives and transfer to a hotel in Negombo .

En route visit Fishing Village.


The fishing village of Negombo has turned out to be a very popular Tourist Beach Resort, for its Golden Sun kissed Beach that’s fringed with Palm Groves. The amazing fact is that the development of the tourist industry has had no influence to change originality of the quiet fishing village or the Life style of the inhabitants.

Overnight at Hotel in Negombo








Breakfast at hotel, leave for Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura the first Capital of Sri Lanka has a recorded history of over 2500 years. The oldest historically documented tree in the world is found in Anuradhapura . This tree was a sapling of the Bo tree (fecus prlegiosa) under which the Buddha meditated and was enlightened in Buddhagaya India .
The very first Stupa to be built in Sri Lanka, the Thuparamaya where a collarbone of the Buddha is enshrined is also found in Anuradhapura .
It became even more important when the Arhath Mahinda from India officially introduced Buddhism to king Dewanampiyatissa in the year 247 B.C. King Dewanampiyatissa who was ruling from Anuradhapura embraced the faith of Buddhism and began to spread it throughout the nation, making Anuradhapura the cradle of Buddhism.
The ruined city of Anuradhapura, which was once, the best planned and organized city in the world is today a great tourist attraction and has been declared a world heritage site.
Visits en route
This unique concept of caring for elephants is the first of its kind. This institute initiated in1975 as an orphanage for three baby elephants found helpless in the wilderness, is today a foster home to a about 60 elephants or more.
Here a special elephant hospital is maintained for the inmates as well as for elephants owned privately. Any elephant big or small, found helpless in the forest are welcomed by the inmates of Pinnawala Orphanage.
This is where the elephants are never put into commercial use, but Fed, Bathed and Pampered all their life.
They play mate and breed here which is the reason for increase in number.
Although one of the first babies brought in is now a Grandma, the name of the institute still remains The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Overnight at Hotel in Anuradhapura.








Early morning leave for safari with picnic breakfast pack.

Full day Safari at Willpattu National Park

Overnight at Hotel in Anuradhapura.








Early morning leave for safari with picnic breakfast pack.

Full day Safari at Willpattu National Park
Overnight at Hotel in Anuradhapura.








 am. Sightseeing in Anuradhapura

·         Sacred Bo Tree
·         Brazen Palace
·         Stupas
·         Twin Pond
·         Moon Stone
·         Samadhi Buddha Statue

Pm safari at Willpattu National Park
 Overnight at Hotel in Anuradhapura.








Breakfast at hotel, leave for Kandy
Kandy was the last kingdom to fall into the hands of the british in the year 1815.
The last king of Sri Lanka (Then Ceylon) King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe was captured by the British and taken to India where he was sent into exile on one of the deserted   islands.
Although Kandy was invaded by the Portuguese and the Dutch who ruled over Sri Lanka before the British, they were never able to retain it and were forced to retreat.
Even the British were not capable of capturing Kandy but it was finally ceded to them by the Chieftains of Kandy who were disappointed over the king’s cruel deeds.
Today Kandy is one of the most visited cities due to the presence of the Temple and also owing its beauty enhanced by the Kandy Lake.
 Visits en route


The cave temple of Dambulla was the hideout of King Valagamba of the 01st Century B.C who fled from Anuradhapura (The capital city) due to an invasion from South India. On recapturing the city and regaining his throne after fourteen years of hiding, the king converted the caves that offered him refuge into temples and gifted them to the Buddhist monks.
King Nissankamalla of the Polonnaruwa period made his contribution to the site by gilding many of the statues after which it was called Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya, which means the golden rock temple of Dambulla.This is stated in the rock inscription at the entrance to the complex.
The kings of the Kandyan period also made their part of contribution by adding more statues of the Buddha and murals depicting highlights of the Buddha’s life.
Visit the Rock cave temple of Dambulla and experience the feeling of a place where Time has stood still…


Sri Lanka has been world renown for quality tropical spices even from the BC times. The pioneer seafaring traders made long and risky voyages to Sri Lanka (then known as Tambapani, Taprobane, Seylan and many other names) for the purpose of collecting the precious merchandise.
Visit a spice garden where spices and herbs used for Sri Lankan cuisine and medication are grown and see for your self the trees, creepers and plants that produce the spices that you use back at home.
P.m. Visits and events


Visit the Temple of the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha. This temple, the most important one for The Sri Lankan Buddhists was built in the 16th Century A.D. solely for the purpose of housing the tooth relic. Observe the magnificent Architecture of that period and experience the tranquility of the atmosphere.
The Cultural Show is recommended as a must to all visitors as it is the only opportunity for one to witness the preserved arts of ancient Sri Lanka (Ceylon). This compact program with duration of one hour comprises Traditional Drumming, Singing, Dancing, Acrobatics, Stunts and Fire Walking








Breakfast at hotel, leave for Nuwara Eliya

Visits En Route
The Upper Lake View Point of Kandy offers you a panoramic view of the city from an elevated position. The lake with the famous Temple in the background and the city and streets farther behind is certainly something you would want to capture on your still or movie camera.


Among the natural resources of Sri Lanka, gems (Precious Stones) are indeed the outstanding of all.
Sri Lankan gems that have adorned many a crown the world over, still continue to be mined, cut, polished and traded.
Visit a Gem Factory and Witness how a rough precious stone is transformed into a sparkling object of radiance. Here you will be shown a documentary movie on how Sri Lankan gem mining is done in the traditional way.


The Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya (In the outskirts of Kandy) is called the Royal Botanical Gardens as it was once a Pleasure Garden of a Kandyan King in the 14th Century AD. Thereafter a king even resided within.
Mr. Alexander Moon a British horticulturist converted it into a Botanical Garden during the British regime and presently it is open to the public, both local and foreign. It is also a site for Bird Watching.


Sri Lanka (Formally Ceylon) is named the Home of Fine Tea because of the high quality Tea grown and produced in the cool hill country of the island.
The Tea Cultivations initiated by the British and left behind as a legacy, are well maintained and continue to cater to many nations that have taste for Quality Tea.
Even as you drive through the lush green Tea Plantations, stop by at a Tea Factory and witness the procedure of how the World Famous Tea is processed.
Don’t miss that complimentary cup of factory fresh Ceylon Tea before you depart from the factory.


Drive through the little town of Nuwara Eliya observing the well-maintained buildings of colonial Architecture. Visit the busy market where the tea plantation
workers rush in and out with their days provisions. Visit the lake Gregory built for generating power during the British Colonial age but now the beautyspot of the city. 
 Overnight at Hotel in Nuwara Eliya.








Breakfast at Hotel. Leave for Yala.
 Visits en route
En route stop at Ella Grand Motel to enjoy the view of the famous ella gap, Also view the beauty of the Ravana Falls as you descend to the low lands.
Behold the awe inspiring view of the famous Ella Gap as you descend to the low lands. A Tea Break at the Ella Grand Motel is a dual purpose stop that would revitalize you both physically and mentally.


This spectacular waterfall, 82 ft (25 m) in drop is located on the Bandarawela- Wellawaya road ad is clearly visible from the main road.
Ravana Falls is named after the Sri Lankan king Ravana depicted as a villain in the Indian epic legend of Ramayana. Sita the queen of Rama (The king of India) who was stolen by king Ravana was supposed to have been hidden in a cave behind this waterfall.
The queen Sita who was in captivity is said to have bathed in a pool of water formed at the base of this waterfall
p.m. Safari in National Park


The Yala National Park was initially designated a Wild Life Sanctuary in the year 1900 and later declared a National Park in the year 1938.
This is one of the most popular and most visited National Parks due to the variety of wild animals found within.

44 species of mammals are recorded as resident in Yala National Park including Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear,  Sri Lankan Leopard and Wild water buffalo.
Toque MacaqueGolden Palm CivetRed Slender Loris, and Fishing Cat are some of the other mammals found in Yala.
The Yala National Park is where the highest sightings of Leopards are recorded and is by far the best Park for spotting them.
Overnight at Hotel in Yala






DAY 09  : : YALA


Early morning leave for safari with picnic breakfast pack.

Full day Safari at Yala National Park

Overnight at Hotel in Yala






DAY 10  : : YALA


Early morning leave for safari with picnic breakfast pack.

Full day Safari at Yala National Park
Overnight at Hotel in Yala






DAY 11 : : YALA


Breakfast at hotel, leave for
Early morning leave for safari with picnic breakfast pack.

Full day Safari at Yala National Park

Overnight at Hotel in Yala






DAY 12  : : YALA


Breakfast at hotel, am at leisure, pm safari at Yala National Park








Breakfast at hotel, leave for Southern Beach Resort
Bentota & Beruwela, nestled on the Southern coast of the island are some of the most popular Beach Resorts of Sri Lanka. It is a resort where, if there is anything you expect to enjoy on a Beach Resort, name it you have it.
Water Sports, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Boat Safari, Deep Sea Fishing, Whale Watching and Spa Therapy including Ayurvedic Treatment are some of the highlights of this station

Visits and activities en route

The fort of Galle was initially built in the year 1588 by the Portuguese. They who landed in the bay of Galle in1505 advanced towards Colombo and with heavy resistance from the king Rajasinghe the 1st of Sitawaka, retreated and built the fort with palm tree trunks and mud as a stronghold of defense and named it Santa Cruz.
The Dutch who ousted the Portuguese with the assistance of the Sri Lankan King fortified it further by erecting strong ramparts and three bastions named Sun, Moon and Star.
The British who took over from the Dutch, made slight modifications to the fort and took all possible measures to preserve it.

Within the Fort today is a mini city as busy and active as any other. It is a residential complex, with a multi racial community having Churches, Temple, Mosque, School, Court House and all facilities of civil living.

The oldest Protestant Church lies in the centre of the fort and adjacent to it is the Hotel Aman Galle which was the Governor’s residence of the time.

The Galle fort inscribed as a World Heritage Site is easily accessed from the town and a site not to be missed.

The Boat Safari on the River Madhu is something that words would not justify. The primitive Life Style of the inhabitants of the islands of the Madhu River is only a boat ride away. The boat ride that takes you through the thick mangroves, the bird life around, the primitive style of fishing and prawn trapping still practiced by the inhabitants of the islands will reveal to you another facet of splendid Sri Lanka.


Projects have been launched to conserve the population of turtles that are reaching extinction and such projects are found along the southern coast of Sri Lanka where turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. The turtle digs a hole on the Beach, Lays hers eggs and covers it with sand where it is supposed to, incubate by the heat of the sun. What often happens is, the eggs are dug out by fisherman and sold to people who consume them.

But now the eggs are bought up by the conservation projects and are hatched the Natural way in enclosed areas where the Birds don’t have a chance of picking them up and the babies are let in to the sea after two days at night time which offers them a better chance of survival.

Overnight at Hotel in a Down South Beach Hotel








Breakfast at hotel,

Full Day at Leisure on the Beach
Beach Stay with many choices of spending your time. Leisurely strolling on the Golden Beaches enthralled in the magical atmosphere.
Lazing on a Sun deck reading a book of you choice, and sipping a cool fresh tropical fruit drink of pineapple, Mango, Banana.
Water skiing, Wind Surfing, Snorkeling, Kayaking or cutting through the choppy on a jet water scooter and much more….

Overnight at Hotel in a Down South Beach Hotel








Breakfast at hotel, leave for Colombo
Pm leave for City Tour of Colombo

The City Tour will include places of Tourist interest such as Old parliament, Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Independence Square, Buddhist Hindu Temple and Town Hall.
Shopping at Odel, House of Fashion, Bare foot etc. at Colombo

Overnight at Hotel in Colombo








Breakfast at Hotel, leave for airport for departure according to flight Schedule

****** End of Sri Lanka Tour on This Visit ******